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Arabella Hallawell: Sense of progress towards a shared goal

Arabella Hallawell is Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Arbor Networks. In this role Arabella is responsible for directing Arbor’s corporate strategy, business development partnerships and the company’s M&A strategy. Continue Reading»



Jodi Echakowitz: Success is the ability to wake up each day and do what I love
Jodi Echakowitz is founder and CEO of Boulevard PR, the public relations and digital marketing agency she founded in 2001 to help startups, emerging growth companies, and VC firms focused on tech and mobile achieve their goals. A tech geek at heart, Jodi has earned a reputation for explaining deep technical concepts in a manner that’s easy for everyone to understand. Her passion for technology began at age 11, when she used BASIC programming on her brother’s Apple II Plus-compatible computer to create simple games. Continue Reading»
Kathleen Ulrich: Success is defined by world class customer experiences
Kathleen is Director of Marketing at Brillio. Known for her expertise in result-oriented marketing, Kathleen has over 20 years of experience in building strong, global brands. In her role at Brillio, she oversees and executes effective brand building and implements demand generation strategies for sustainable, profitable business. She is a dedicated, high-energy leader, adept in building and motivating synergistic teams, working in complex organizations, as well as nurturing and growing B2B partnerships. Continue Reading»
Marianne O'Connor: Comfortable at all stages of the corporate lifecycle
Marianne is an entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience driving marketing and communications programs for technology companies. Comfortable at all stages of the corporate lifecycle, she has expertise in corporate transformations, executive platform development, corporate messaging, IPO preparation, crisis communications, and M&A activities. As CEO of Sterling Communications, Marianne has designed high-impact orograms for companies ranging from venture-funded startups to global Fortune 500 leaders. She also served as VP for BT’s 6,000-person IT division, and as both VP of corporate communications and CMO at Juniper Networks during its growth from $2B-$3B. Marianne received her BA in Economics from Williams College. Continue Reading»
Sara Gates: What makes Wisegate different from other social networks
Wisegate is different for a few reasons. First, if you sell anything to our members, you are not allowed to join. There is no selling on Wisegate. This means that the noise level is very low and the help level is very high. Even if you are a senior IT guy but you work for a company that sells to IT, you are not eligible to join. We are also different because you have to qualify to join, and qualifying means you are senior enough in your career and your IT environment is big & complex. Also, we are specifically structured to help our members in their day-to-day jobs and decisions. So, it is not a free-for-all forum environment, but a specifically structured site whose goal is to help get info to our members quickly. Continue Reading»
Mary Siero: Recommendations for improving the security posture of your organization
Security and compliance are “always on” type of activities. Typically organizations perform a “point in time” check of their security and compliance requirements and then fix whatever problems they find at that time. Innovative IT performs programmatic assessments that look at the processes and governance of your organization to determine if those “point in time” checks are being maintained throughout daily operations. Based on our assessment results, we work with you to create an Action Plan to implement best practices and controls in a prioritized fashion to remediate issues and concerns. Continue Reading»
How an external agency can really shine and pay exponential dividends for the thriving small to medium entity

Most often, small and medium sized companies do not have copious staff resources and wear many hats as a result. Being spread too thin is not conducive to promotion and marketing strategy as it requires daily management and creativity. General marketing staff cannot keep up with all the various mediums, frequent editorial beat changes, short deadlines, and stories that pop up randomly. An external agency provides media relationships, strategic counsel, candid feedback, prior expertise with similar client issues, and most importantly focus to maximize opportunities and garner available exposure. This is where an external agency can really shine and pay exponential dividends for the thriving small to medium entity. Continue Reading»

Anjana Arora: Finding the right balance between work life and family life, while also making time for yourself
As VP of Marketing for Infinite Computer Solutions, Anjana Arora is responsible for the company’s positioning in the marketplace. Over the last 20 years, Anjana has held cross-functional leadership positions with companies such as GE, PwC and Booz Allen. Prior to her current role, Anjana served as Vice President of Marketing at Infinite Convergence Solutions. Her team built the building the company’s brand and opened new markets while supporting the technology and technical teams in delivering their customer commitments. Anjana hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from State University of NY at Binghamton. Continue Reading»
Virginia Scripps: I believe that success is two fold
Virginia Scripps has a Masters Degree from Columbia University, and has grown the agency she founded, Press Kitchen PR, for over 16 years. Winner of this year's Bulldog Award Gold for Best PR Boutique, Scripps has forged a creative approach to PR utilizing her diverse prior experience in TV studio publicity, ad agency copywriting, entertainment journalism and independent film. Recently, Scripps has been featured on industry podcasts on the topic of 'Disrupting Your NIche' in the PR world. Her agency also expanded in February 2017 to include a New York City location as well as its headquarters in Santa Monica. Continue Reading»
Annette Densham: I am not competing against anyone else
Annette Densham loves a good story. This love for storytelling launched her 30-year career in print media; writing about forklifts to tax, to theatre lights and sport, to senior issues and health. Those skills, honed at the keyboard writing for newspapers and magazine, are now used to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors get their slice of the media pie, using stories to connect with the world and build influential brands. Whether it's done for you or do it yourself, it starts with the story, audience and sharing. Continue Reading»
Asa Holmstrom: Databases and the future of real-time, next-generation transactional applications
With new database solutions available today, new opportunities open up for real-time transactional applications. Now, extreme performance can be provided with an order of magnitude less hardware, lowering the costs for both real-time transactional application development and, most of all, the hardware park to maintain it all. The database market is getting extremely crowded, with the traditional relational database vendors and the NoSQL challengers, as well. Under the NoSQL label, we find several different kinds of players, however many of them provide the exact same message – “fastest database”. Continue Reading»


Lisa Hammond: Advice for CIOs on implementing a strategy that unifies multiple platforms and technologies

End-users are empowered to a greater extent than ever thanks to the consumerization of IT. It used to be that IT departments drove the type and timing of end-user technology resources. However, as technology changed people’s everyday lives outside of the office - where we’re now used to getting the products and services we want instantly, and often self-provision them online - workers have come to expect the same level of responsiveness while at the office. They see no reason not to get that level, even in the face of increasingly complex corporate application environments. They certainly don’t want to enter multiple passwords to access applications that are sourced from the cloud, VDI, traditional Windows and corporate servers. Continue Reading»