Chao Cheng-Shorland | Why it’s important to manage contracts the online and digital-based way

Chao Cheng-Shorland, Co-Founder & CEO | ShelterZoom | New York, NY USA

I am the co-founder and CEO of ShelterZoom Corp. I am a highly experienced executive, and internationally renowned for my work applying blockchain technology to create real value in people’s daily lives. Under my leadership, ShelterZoom has successfully delivered two industry-first, next-generation blockchain-based deal, contract and transaction management platforms revolutionizing real estate and many other industries. As a result, ShelterZoom won multiple global awards such as SIIA CODiE Best Emerging Technology 2018 and CIO Application’s Company of the Year – Blockchain. I was named Game Changer 2019 by Real Trends, and Female Innovator of the Year by Women World Awards.

What would be one most important thing you would want everyone to know about your company-organization?

Chao Cheng-Shorland: ShelterZoom is at the forefront of innovation for managing contracts online. No matter their complexity, we have created a platform for them to exist, evolve and meet the needs of just about every industry imaginable.

What roles does diversity play in your organization?

ShelterZoom consists of experts and professionals from eight different countries (and counting!), including our two founders, who come from Chinese and Iranian backgrounds, respectively. The diverse cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds and perspectives have brought a depth to our product development that has made it applicable to a global audience from its very inception.

What role does technology play in your company-organization’s growth?

As a software company, we rely on technology not just to develop our products, but to also manage an international team of dozens who need to collaborate across different time zones using different platforms. We couldn’t make it through a single day without numerous technology tools to get the job done.

“As communication becomes increasingly online and digital-based, it is imperative that companies and consumers have a way to manage contracts in the same way they manage everything from their money to health care records. At ShelterZoom, we have created a way to make this happen for any industry, in any location, with internet access.”

Chao Cheng-Shorland, Co-Founder and CEO | ShelterZoom

What is the current state of your industry?

Everyone is on high alert for what will be the next “disrupter.” The first disrupter was the growth of real estate search sites. ShelterZoom anticipates that our approach for managing contracts online – safely and securely – will be part of the next big wave of change.

What changes in the industry does your team find interesting and why?

Real estate is a massive industry that has been resistant to change for a long time. However, we are in a golden age for real estate technology where innovation is happening at a rapid pace. Real estate, our main vertical at launch, is on the cusp of looking very different from what it looked like even a few years ago. Automation is a big focus and the role of industry professionals is transforming to accommodate that.

What is your organization’s greatest customer challenge in the global market?

Real estate practices vary widely across different states and countries. Our tools are designed to be flexible enough to meet this variety of needs, but this dynamic has presented some interesting challenges to explain why certain features are included when some locations don’t need to use them.

What makes your company-organization’s products-services-solutions special?

Our flagship platform is a technology that no one else has introduced yet. It can single handedly change the way we look at contracts and transaction management.

What other achievements have paved the way to success as a Women World Award winner?

In 2019, I was named Game Changer 2019 by Real Trends. This was followed by ShelterZoom, the company I co-founded in 2017, winning several global awards due to its disruptive business model and innovative technology to the real estate industry. As the CEO of the company, and an Australian, I was also identified by the Australian government as an “exceptional Australian”. I spoke at South by Southwest (SXSW) at Austrade’s invitation.

ShelterZoom | New York, NY USA

ShelterZoom’s vision is to revolutionize the way people buy, sell and rent properties. We launched the world’s first blockchain-based platform in 2017 to stay on top of every stage of property offers and negotiations. Now we’ve developed the transformational, industry-agnostic Mithra Contract to evolve contracts to Contract of Things (CoT).

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