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Arabella Hallawell: Sense of progress towards a shared goal

Arbor Networks secures the world's most demanding and complex networks from DDoS attacks and advanced threats.

About Arabella Hallawell

Arabella Hallawell is Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Arbor Networks

Definition of success: Sense of progress towards a shared goal. Enjoying the actual work (day to day responsibility) of your role.

First job: Server at an ice cream shop in high school. Always love your product!

Work philosophy: Have impact. Look for a new angle or path to get there. Share with, and learn from, others.

Currently occupied with (business/job related activities): Product marketing lead for brand new product line (Internal Network Traffic solution for Security)

Recent successes: Helped craft new branding direction for company and solution.

How do you stay motivated: Finding intellectual interest in every topic and a tangible, "line of sight" goal.

Guiding principle: Be genuine and give others the benefit of doubt.

Goal yet to be achieved: Building a business from scratch.

Best decision: Not becoming a lawyer after law school.

Worst decision: Staying when you are no longer learning.

Definition of leadership: Making it about "we", not "me". Leaders don't look out for themselves first. Biggest missed opportunity Too many to mention. Best mentor Steve Munford, former CEO, of Sophos One word that best describes you Committed.

Like best about job: Getting to craft a story and see it being told. Working with almost every function of the organization

Like least about job: Limited ability to craft the product itself

Interests: Rearing 10 and 12 year olds!

Pet peeve: Not knowing or taking steps to know the customer perspective.

Most important lesson learned: Don't take it too personally.

Most respected competitor: Splunk. They know their user and it shows through everything they do from a marketing perspective.

Greatest fear: Falling on stage

Idea of perfect happiness: 80 degrees, light breeze, reading a great book lying on the dock in Maine in the summer

Greatest strength: Grit

Characteristic most admired: Organization

Characteristic least admired: Cowardice

First choice for a new career: Starting a non- profit to bring greater awareness and opportunities for kids with disabilities (specifically high functioning autism)

Current state of mind: Creating balance

Exercise of choice: Yoga

Question you want answered: Why Trump?

Most influential book read: Cry Freedom by Donald Woods awakened my political and social beliefs.

Most ecstatic moment: Recent Patriots win!

Favorite word: Tenacity

Favorite quote: Do unto others as you would do onto yourself

Countries you would like to visit: Chile, Argentina, South Africa.

Favorite airline: British Airways, of course!

Favorite restaurant: Primo, Rockland, ME

Company: Infinite Computer Solutions
Burlington, Massachusetts, USA

Founded in: 2000
CEO: Anil Singhal
Public or Private: Public
Head Office in Country: United States
Key Words: Cybersecurity

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