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Jodi Echakowitz: Success is the ability to wake up each day and do what I love

Boulevard Public Relations is a full-service, independent public relations and digital marketing agency. We operate as a virtual team that enables us to offer big agency services that are backed by personal attention and boutique agency prices. We are the partners of choice for companies throughout North America that want to grow their businesses by working with an agency that thinks strategically, executes effectively, and consistently delivers measureable results.

About Jodi Echakowitz

Jodi Echakowitz is founder and CEO at Boulevard PR

Definition of success: Success is the ability to wake up each day and do what I love.

First job: As soon as I was legally able to work (age 16), I got a job as a cashier at a grocery store in my native South Africa.

Work philosophy: Treat every client as though they are my only client.

Currently occupied with (business/job related activities): In addition to ongoing client work, for the last few days I have also been focused on supporting #techwithoutborders, a great initiative in the Canadian tech community. To date, more than 3,000 Canadians representing 1,800 technology companies have signed an open letter affirming their support for people of all races, religions, sexual identities, and mental and physical abilities. The letter is in response to US president’s executive order.

How do you stay motivated: I love seeing the results that me and my incredible team deliver for clients. This is an intrinsic motivator and drives me to want to do more.

Guiding principle: In addition to the core guiding principles of honesty and integrity, I truly believe that to drive personal growth I have to seek out new opportunities and challenge myself beyond my comfort zone.

Best decision: When the market crashed, I was laid off along with my colleagues. As I was pregnant with my second child, I made the decision to start consulting rather than seek out another full time job (my logic was that no company wants to hire someone who is pregnant). I have not looked back since. I started as as an independent PR consultant, and today I have a sizeable team of consultants that work with me to support the needs of my growing client base.

Like best about job: I learn something new everyday.

Like least about job: Paperwork!

Interests: I love to exercise, play golf, and travel. I'm also a self-described cat lady given my love for cats (especially my two Maine Coon cats - Calvin & Hobbes).

Pet peeve: People who don't close their mouths when they chew.

Most respected competitor: Herscu & Goldsilver. We occasionally end up competing for a new client alongside the team at H&G. If there's anyone I'd be happy to lose business to, it's them. That said, we also find opportunities to work together and to refer one another business.

Greatest fear: I have an incredible fear of heights (yet strangely enough, I have no fear of flying). Even something as simple as climbing a ladder freaks me out. To try to conquer this fear, a few years ago in New York I went to Trapeze school. It didn't help me conquer my fear, but it put my way out of my comfort zone - something I try to do often.

Idea of perfect happiness: Spending time with my family.

Characteristic least admired: Jealousy

Exercise of choice: I'm currently loving Orange Theory Fitness. It's a fabulous, high intensity workout that kicks my butt.

Favorite hotel (brand): Sofitel

Favorite car (brand): I'm a car geek and I absolutely love the current Mercedes-Benz SL. But if there's one car I would love to own, it would be the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL with gull-wing doors. But that will have to wait until I win the lottery!

Company: Boulevard Public Relations
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Founded in: 2001
CEO: Jodi Echakowitz
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: Canada

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