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Kathleen Ulrich: Success is defined by world class customer experiences

Brillio, is a global technology consulting and business solutions company, enables the successful transformation of businesses by utilizing emerging technologies to create new customer experiences, achieve cost efficiencies, and gain competitive advantage. Brillio is a company wired for speed and rapidly develops and deploys disruptive solutions to help our Fortune 1000 clients stay ahead in a fast-changing environment and capture business value faster. Brillio brings business expertise to clients in the Banking and Finance, Utilities, CPG, Retail, Technology, Media and Entertainment industries and is proud to serve leaders in Fortune 1000 from these industries.

About Kathleen Ulrich

Kathleen Ulrich is Director of Marketing at Brillio

Definition of success: Success is defined by world class customer experiences. I believe that success is when your clients value and trust your product/service, brand and opinion. The customer is always the true north.

First job: Making popcorn at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo.

How do you stay motivated: I am a role model for my two girls and I am blazing a trail for them. I want them to see what a strong professional-working mother looks like first hand.

Guiding principle: Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Goal yet to be achieved: To see my children through college and use their talents in their careers.

Best decision: To pack up my car the day after college graduation and move from Omaha, NE to Washington, DC, without a job in sight, to chase a dream.

Worst decision: There aren’t any bad decisions. Every decision is a choice you made. It may have been the wrong decision, but I don’t like to view it as a bad decision.

Definition of leadership: We are now in the era of modern leadership which entails investing in new ideas and technologies, believing in the knowledge and ability of people, and creating a strong partner ecosystem.

Biggest missed opportunity: Not taking more risks.

Best mentor: Kandes Bregman was CMO at (i)Structure and she was my first mentor. She believed in me to give me a start and always told me to be myself.

One word that best describes you: Crazy

Like best about job: Brillio is fast paced, highly customer focused and I get to work side by side with some of the brightest minds in new technologies. The work culture is also nurturing and supportive.

Interests: Improving life with disruptive technologies

Pet peeve: Incessant tapping

Most important lesson learned: That my job is never finished. There is always more that can be done.

Most respected competitor: Accenture Digital

Greatest fear: Failure

Idea of perfect happiness: I am perfectly happy. I have a wonderful family who loves me. I have two wicked smart girls who are growing up to be strong leaders. I have an amazing career where I head the marketing department for an innovative digital disruptive service provider in Silicon Valley. I have the opportunity to work side by side with forward looking technology leaders.

Greatest strength: Determination

Characteristic most admired: Hard working

Characteristic least admired: Apathy

First choice for a new career: Teacher

Current state of mind: Free

Exercise of choice: Running

Question you want answered: How can we deny higher education to any young person in this country just because she or he can’t afford it?

Most influential book read: Leadership by Rudolph Guiliani and Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office by Dr.Louis Frankel PhD.

Most ecstatic moment: When I met my adopted and met my daughters for the first time.

Favorite word: Go!

Favorite quote: “It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” J.K Rowling

Countries you would like to visit: Indonesia

Favorite airline: Delta

Favorite hotel (brand): Shangri-La

Favorite restaurant: Pitch, a favorite of mine in Omaha, Nebraska

Favorite car (brand): Volvo

Company: Brillio
Santa Clara, California, USA

Founded in: 2014
CEO: Raj Mamodia
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: United States

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