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Virginia Scripps: I believe that success is two fold

Established by an entertainment journalist in 2000, Award-winning PR agency Press Kitchen gets measurable results by taking a creative approach to PR. Working for Oscar®-winning filmmakers, top digital innovators and leaders in media and advertising, our goal is to increase traction for clients’ projects and elevate awareness of their brands.

About Virginia Scripps

Virginia Scripps is President at Press Kitchen PR

Definition of success: I believe that success is two fold: building a career you can be proud of and having the freedom and independence to choose your own path.

First job: waitress at Walgreens lunch counter

Work philosophy: Do not micro manage but choose talented and pleasant people and then foster an environment where they can shine.

Currently occupied with (business/job related activities): Landing new business in the 'Silicon Beach' tech scene in surrounding West L.A.

Recent successes: Winning the 2016 Bulldog Gold Award for Best PR Boutique. Opening a NY office of my company in Feb, 2017.

How do you stay motivated: I know I am only as good as my last accomplishment.

Guiding principle: Be nice. Nice people DO win.

Goal yet to be achieved: Publish a novel.

Best decision: Start my own company.

Worst decision: At times I have hired candidates who did not fit the bill, and I was too slow to let them go.

Definition of leadership: Being a woman who inspires my staff.

Biggest missed opportunity: Can't think of many.

Best mentor: My friend Elizabeth who is a writer, a working mom, a great mom, and still plays on a soccer team in her late 60s

One word that best describes you: enthusiastic

Like best about job: The creative people whose amazing work I get to promote.

Like least about job: Sitting on my duff at a desk. You have to do this in jobs that require a lot of writing!

Interests: skiing, hiking, traveling, enjoying the vibrant cultural landscape of the city where I live.

Pet peeve: pretentious people.

Most important lesson learned: I got fired from my second PR job for having too many ideas. I learned that it's important to wait for the right time to share a good idea, so that it will be heard and well received.

Most respected competitor: PMK Public Relations

Greatest fear: Having regrets

Idea of perfect happiness: Living in the city AND the mountains; having interesting work AND lots of outdoors play.

Greatest strength: Being articulate.

Characteristic most admired: Diligence, loyalty

Characteristic least admired: Paranoia

First choice for a new career: Novelist

Current state of mind: Excited for the future

Exercise of choice: Long walks on the beach (cliche, I know, but I get good talks in this way with female friends.)

Question you want answered: Why are women still fighting for equality?

Most influential book read: A Room of One's Own

Most ecstatic moment: My wedding

Favorite word: persnickety

Favorite quote: "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need." - Mick Jagger

Countries you would like to visit: Japan, Brazil, Australia, Sweden, Costa Rica, Ireland

Favorite airline: Jet Blue

Favorite hotel (brand): Preferred Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

Favorite restaurant: Cafe Del Rey, Marina Del Rey

Favorite car (brand): Tesla

Company: Press Kitchen PR
Santa Monica, California, USA

Founded in: 2000
CEO: Virginia Scripps
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: United States
Products and Services: Public Relations Services (full service)
Company’s Goals: As a company, we aim to work with trendsetters and innovators in the worlds of advertising, entertainment and startups, tech, raising the profile of each brand we work for and enhancing the prestige surrounding their accomplishments.
Key Words: public relations, entertainment, silicon beach, startups, advertising, virtual reality

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